Unfortunate Workplace Reality – No Interpreter Involved

Robert Cooper, Operations and Business Development, with sComm shares a perspective on how deaf and hard of hearing employees can succeed in the workplace with no interpreter involved in the everyday grind with hearing co-workers, managers, and customers.

Why is the UbiDuo 2 better than mobile devices?

Since we announced the UbiDuo 2 on January 26, certain people have questioned whether we should focus some of our efforts on mobile devices in addition to the UbiDuo 2. Since the general trend nowadays is towards more and more mobile devices which are taking the place of personal computers, it makes sense that many people may think that mobile devices would make a good platform for face-to-face communication.

UbiDuo 2 Launch Video Jason

UbiDuo 2 Folding Demo

Jason Jernigan – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Michael Hubbs – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Sandra Parkhurst – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Dr. Janice Emerzian – UbiDuo 2 Launch

David Curry – UbiDuo 2 Launch

Project Black – Part 3

Project Black – Part 2