Real Examples of How Individuals

Improved Their Lives with the UbiDuo

In the Workplace

Using the UbiDuo 3 at work ensures that employees or managers who are deaf or hard of hearing are no longer deprived of the opportunity to talk with their co-workers. They can now join spontaneous conversations at the water cooler!

The UbiDuo 3 can be put to use in many different settings: job interviews, quick conversations with a supervisor, impromptu meetings, and working groups where an interpreter cannot be arranged at short notice or are very short conversations.

We have received numerous reports from people who credit the UbiDuo 3 for developing competency on the job through interaction with other people and even getting promotions.



Peter Downey had been with Sam’s Club in Overland Park, Kansas for 13 years in the same position with no promotion opportunities. He felt he had to stay in the same job to be safe because he had no way of communicating with his hearing peers. Without the power of face-to-face communication, he was trapped and couldn’t easily seek new job opportunities the way his hearing co-workers could. The Sam’s Club where he worked obtained an UbiDuo and his work environment dramatically changed. He was finally able to have conversations with co-workers, members, and managers. Sharon Orlopp, Vice President of the People Division of Sam’s Club, explained, “The biggest advantage is that it levels the playing field for communications. The UbiDuo literally opens doors for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our biggest success story is Peter Downey, our employee in Overland Park, Kansas. Peter has been promoted several times since the UbiDuo came to his club. He is now a member of management.”

Cindy Castegnaro uses the UbiDuo to communicate with co-workers at Three Rivers, an independent living center in Wamego, Kansas. She said, “After using the UbiDuo in a group meeting, I feel that I know what is going on and am happy that I am not missing out as I did before. It is easy to use and worth the price!”

In Social Settings

Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing family members are able to use the UbiDuo 3 to know each other better at family gatherings. Awkward social situations are solved – by using a UbiDuo 3! Talk to friends, participate in social situations, family affairs, and get to know your neighbors! Deaf and hard of hearing people no longer feel excluded, and hearing people can now communicate. Everyone is involved. Everyone wins!



Clois James in Temecula, California purchased a UbiDuo to enable her deaf son, Dana Papa, to communicate with family members. “It is wonderful for us to know that we can easily communicate with Dana, and also, feel more confident that each party will understand what the other is trying to say. Many times before, both parties would think they had understood the other, only to find out later that one or both misunderstood. I cannot find a word to describe our joy and relief to see Dana and his family finally be able to communicate freely after waiting 50 years. For us, his parents, to watch the joy on the faces of all the family, to hear them express it in words and actions, and to see Dana be able to spend several hours doing nothing but communicating with the family was an incredible experience. It was his ‘time to talk’ and no notepad needed."

Ashleigh Smith in Houston, Texas explained that the UbiDuo is a valuable tool in one’s toolbox of choices in communicating with the hearing world. It’s ideal for “one-on-one” situations where a skilled sign language interpreter is not necessary. Ashleigh purchased a UbiDuo to communicate with doctors, friends and families, job interviewers and while on the road. “After having many conversations on the UbiDuo for almost two years, I visualize myself as a hawk in flight – after being tethered to the confines in communication with the hearing world. I define communication not only as the exchange of words, but also the exchange of personality. While the paper-and-pen method allows for communication, this method does not suit someone who is intellectual, who wants to go beyond the simple things in life such as where did one go to college, what was one’s major, where is one’s favorite place to eat… and the examples are endless.”

In Medical Situations

What would you do if you were in a life-threatening situation and unable to communicate? Wait hours for an interpreter? That’s not the solution and it’s a very dangerous solution.

With the UbiDuo 3, there’s no need to wait for an interpreter to arrive to get an immediate diagnosis for your patients. Many hospitals have deployed the UbiDuo in their departments to have a barrier free face-to-face conversation on the spot.

The UbiDuo’s wireless standards don’t depend on WiFi, it has its own peer to peer wireless network. The UbiDuo is also safe to use around hospital equipment and won’t cause any interference like a WiFi device could.



Callaway Community Hospital in Fulton, Missouri purchased a UbiDuo to serve their patients who are deaf. The hospital had faced communication issues involving deaf or hard of hearing patients and staff who cannot sign. The hospital had on-call interpreters, but patients sometimes had to wait an hour or more. John Graves, CEO of Callaway Community Hospital, explained, “If we can make life easier for one deaf person, it’s an investment that’s worthwhile.” Lisa Clark, nursing unit director, says, “From our standpoint, it’s making our job much easier. We’re able to communicate quickly, easily.” The hospital uses the UbiDuo in the emergency room, the obstetrics department, the medical/surgical unit, the intensive care unit, and the Fulton Medical Clinic associated with the hospital.