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Does the UbiDuo save conversations?

Yes, the UbiDuo 2 has up to 2 GB of space available to save conversations.  However, conversations are not saved automatically, the user must explicitly instruct the UbiDuo to save a conversation.

Does the UbiDuo print?

The UbiDuo can load saved conversations onto a flash drive via the standard USB port.  If the flash drive is then connected to a computer, it can be used to print those conversations.

UbiDuo Tip: Save Notes and Save Time!

UbiDuo Tip: Save Notes and Save Time!

U1biDuo users report that they find the UbiDuo useful in saving notes. Like people who record class discussions on audio recorders, UbiDuo users save information in the UbiDuo. They can review or transfer the saved log file to a PC at any time. Saving conversations can be a timesaver!