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What’s the difference between the UbiDuo & writing notes back & forth?

Writing notes is slow. It takes time, and when one person is writing, the other is left hanging, loses focus and can easily lose track of what he wanted to say. The UbiDuo provides simultaneous real-time communication. You don’t have to wait for the other person to finish typing before you can say what’s on your mind, just as you would in a real conversation. And with the split screen, you can see your side of the conversation AND your partner’s.  The UbiDuo is a neutral conduit through which two persons can easily, quickly and seamlessly express themselves to each other.

UbiDuo Tip: Save Notes and Save Time!

UbiDuo Tip: Save Notes and Save Time!

U1biDuo users report that they find the UbiDuo useful in saving notes. Like people who record class discussions on audio recorders, UbiDuo users save information in the UbiDuo. They can review or transfer the saved log file to a PC at any time. Saving conversations can be a timesaver!