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Route 66

The historic Route 66 trip over 6 days last month was an eye opener driving through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas and being able to meet hearing people from different walks of life without barriers. Jason Curry, CEO of sComm, highlights the freedom and the joy of having a face to face conversation with different hearing people – each with different lives – each with a compelling story. Talking on the UbiDuo, they shared what was happening in their lives and Jason shared what was happening in every part of Route 66. The UbiDuo allowed Jason to sit across from each one of them and exchange life experiences. Mike, social media specialist, documented every part of the trip with a GoPro camera which there are 6 different videos below for you to enjoy. The videos show how Jason communicated with hearing strangers with zero barriers especially without the need of an interpreter. Jason wanted to show the world how easy it was to travel freely on Route 66 using the UbiDuo 2, a communication device that allows a deaf person to sit across from a hearing person anywhere.

It was not making a point about the UbiDuo but about meeting America on Historic Route 66. Nothing is more Americana than Route 66 with its vintage service gas stations, vintage cars, the Mom-and-Pop stores, quaint motels, the garish and flashy billboards, and classic diners tucked away like a time capsule. Combining those historical spots with the smell, feel, and taste of food and drink found in small towns and Main Streets adds to that extra Americana dimension. Often people who are deaf or hard of hearing miss getting to hear those stories. Not this time with the UbiDuo 2.
Watch the 6 videos and observe how a deaf and a hearing person are able to interact with each other face-to-face on the UbiDuo 2 with zero barriers over a table especially without the need of a 3rd party translator.

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