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UbiDuo 2 Wired – Communication Device


When our clients spoke, we listened carefully.  They asked for a hard-wired UbiDuo model that would not risk interference with other wireless signals and that could be used for communication even in secure areas where wireless connections are forbidden.  The UbiDuo 2 Wired has no wireless capability, making it ideal for use in some of the most sensitive areas where radio waves fear to tread.


You’ll get the same benefits of the wireless package: empowerment; the promotion of communication equality; seamless, real-time communication; and the elimination of bluffing, frustration, and Communiphobia. This high-tech device has all of the bells and whistles of the wireless version plus one: the wired connection between the two halves.


  • Standard wired network connection
  • 128MB total storage (28MB reserved for operating system, 100MB for user storage)
  • 7-inch diagonal color touch screen
  • 8-hour lithium-polymer battery pack
  • 4-pound total weight (2 lbs per half)
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • USB type A port for connecting flash storage
  • HDMI port for connecting a TV or projector
  • Patented hinge technology
  • Kensington anti-theft slots on each half


  • UbiOS 1
  • Real-time split screen interface
  • Customizable fonts (12 point to 72 point)
  • Customizable text and background colors
  • Password protection on saved conversations
  • Password protection on configuration settings