I have been profoundly deaf since birth and have been lucky to have had the support of my family my entire life. That became even more abundantly clear when my father came up with the idea for the UbiDuo in 2002, which you can learn more about by reading Our Story. That moment formed the beginning of my passion to help others. Eighteen years and three version of the UbiDuo later, we have given tens of thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people an effortless way to spontaneously communicate with the hearing anywhere, any time. I, myself, don’t always have an interpreter available every time I walk out my door. My own UbiDuo is the key to being fully engaged in my neighborhood, my community, my business, my extended family, and the world in which I live.

I couldn’t be prouder of how sComm and the UbiDuo have changed and enriched the lives of our customers. Stories roll in all the time, like a woman who went to a family reunion with her UbiDuo, and aunts and uncles and cousins who were unable to sign lined up around her picnic table in the park to get to talk to her, face to face and one on one. She was able to save those conversations to read again at home, remembering those happy moments. Another example is about a young man who had been working at a store for years stocking shelves with no means of advancement, but then his UbiDuo helped him move up to a supervisory position. His ability to communicate with other coworkers and customers 100% of the time showed the store managers just how much knowledge he had about the business.


In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, where many everyday errands and activities have to be planned and scheduled in ways we have never experienced before, we’re getting a small taste of what it would be like to coordinate every interaction, appointment, and meeting using an interpreter. While interpreters serve a critical function, they simply aren’t feasible every time you want to run into the bank, get a flu shot, check in on an elderly neighbor, or visit your grandma. All of those spur-of-the-moment things that are a part of our everyday lives. The UbiDuo opens up the world for opportunities that aren’t planned, because so much of our lives isn’t scheduled.

Growing up, all through school and university, I was lucky enough to have family and friends around me who signed.  Once I hit the world of work, that wasn’t the case anymore. My wish is that every student who has hearing friends who don’t sign could have a UbiDuo.  Being all inclusive should be a goal for us all.  Businesses can’t afford to provide an interpreter 100% of the work week. With a UbiDuo, the deaf and hard of hearing can join in celebrating new baby stories, complaining about the ref’s call from last night’s game or just enjoying a quick lunch with a coworker. And of course, being able to go to the office guru to figure out why your computer is locked up again!

The UbiDuo has changed my life.  And I look forward to changing the lives of others as we continue on this journey.

Jason Curry

Co-Founder and CEO

Two people using the UbiDuo 3 communication device to have a conversation.