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Donald and Ruth Boilard have had to deal with communication access issues all of their lives. They have always needed an interpreter to communicate with hearing people, which was a constant reminder of their communication dependency.

The UbiDuo 2 SGD gives them full independence and provides them a way to handle times when an interpreter is not available or when conversations need to remain private, such as when interacting with doctors or nurses in a hospital environment.

Thanks to the UbiDuo 2 SGD, Donald and Ruth are now able to easily communicate face-to-face with hearing people at any time, truly opening them up to a new world of independence.

With the UbiDuo 2:

  • Anyone who is deaf can communicate with anyone who is hearing.
  • Conversations can take place anywhere and anytime.
  • Face-to-Face communication barriers are eliminated when sign language interpreter is not present.
  • Working is so much easier when communication is equalized with hearing peers.
  • 100% One-on-One Communication equality between deaf and hearing.
  • Endless, unlimited face-to-face encounters — one time cost.
  • Meets ADA (American w/ Disabilities Act) requirements.
  • No Wi-FI or Internet connection is required.
  • Selectable, color modes for people with low vision or degenerative eye conditions.