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UbiDuo 1 and UbiDuo 2 User – Sharon Walker

UbiDuo 1 and UbiDuo 2 User – Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker – Original UbiDuo 1 and UbiDuo 2 User

We have built a UbiDuo community of thousands of UbiDuo users worldwide. One of our favorite UbiDuo users, Sharon Walker, has been a part of our community for the past 6 years with her original UbiDuo 1. She is in Kalispell, Montana and has found a creative use of her UbiDuo. She was a nurse when she lost her hearing four years ago.

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The UbiDuo from sComm makes advancements for face-to-face communication for the hearing-impaired. The device is two separate keyboards with a small colored digital screen at the top of the keys. When the two keyboards are connected, users can sit and write to each other directly and read the other’s messages in real time. Users can connect their UbiDuo keyboards to each other from up to 300 feet away with a proprietary networking protocol.


The Spirit of Christmas – Next Generation UbiDuo 2

The Spirit of Christmas – Next Generation UbiDuo 2

By Jason Curry, sComm CEOChristmastime is supposed to be a joyous celebration of family and friends. The Spirit of Christmas thrives when families interact in peace and harmony with clear, 100% face-to-face communication. It’s all about including everyone, treating each person with equal respect, and full interaction with lots of joy. The most common problem deaf and hard of hearing individuals experience when they go to (more…)

Sharing Your UbiDuo Story – Chance to Win $500.00

Sharing Your UbiDuo Story – Chance to Win $500.00

sComm has grown to thousands of UbiDuo users across the world. We now can claim users in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia and Dubai. We have heard so many life changing stories from all our customers and they are so empowering.

Recently, Paul Maiolino, a UbiDuo user, shared his incredible story of how the UbiDuo helped him land a job after suffering the long time frustration of not being able to find work. He is truly amazed at how hearing people love using the UbiDuo with him in his everyday living.

We want to hear your incredible story. Send us a 1 minute video and 5 pictures with you using the UbiDuo with someone to info@scomm.com . You have a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card or $500 donated in your name to the charity of your choice. The winner will receive the gift card or donation to the charity by the 23rd of December. The submissions are due by the 19th of December at 5:00 pm CST. Have fun putting together your UbiDuo story.