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So what was in the trunk???

On Saturday, January 26, Jason Curry, sComm CEO, unveiled what was in the mysterious trunk at the end of the scavenger hunt. In front of a packed house at sComm headquarters, Jason revealed the sleek new UbiDuo 2, the next generation face-to-face communication device. (more…)

Why is the UbiDuo 2 better than mobile devices?

Since we announced the UbiDuo 2 on January 26, certain people have questioned whether we should focus some of our efforts on mobile devices in addition to the UbiDuo 2. Since the general trend nowadays is towards more and more mobile devices which are taking the place of personal computers, it makes sense (more…)

The UbiDuo 2 is Finally Here!

At the sComm headquarters on January 26, 2013, Jason Curry, sComm CEO, unveiled the next generation UbiDuo 2 to over 250 guests and a live streamed Internet audience. In addition to the UbiDuo 2 announcement, the launch party featured life changing stories from key UbiDuo users such as Jason Jernigan and Sandra Parkhurst, as well as entertainment by Evelina Gaina, Rathskellar and Cherry Bomb. (more…)