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John Moore & Alan Portnoy:
How UbiDuo Connects Deaf & Hearing


John Moore, CEO of the Deaf Services Center in Columbus, Ohio was one of the first people to use the UbiDuo and ten years later it’s still one of the most crucial tools in his office!

UbiDuo lets John chat at-will with anyone who walks into his office — regardless of their signing ability, and without waiting for an interpreter.

100% Barrier-Free Communication for Over a Decade!

John Moore is deaf and has been using the UbiDuo to communicate 100% barrier-free since its inception in 2007. In the video above you’ll see how he and his CFO, Alan Portnoy are able to communicate freely and effectively without an interpreter or VRI (video remote interpreting), whenever they need, for as long as they need thanks to the ubiquitous, UbiDuo.

As the CFO of the Deaf Services Center, Alan Portnoy, CPA, has a crucial need to be in close communication with his CEO (John Moore) at all times. It isn’t cost-effective for them to use VRI come tax time, and they can’t wait for an interpreter every time they need to make a decision together. Using the UbiDuo the two are able to chat instantaneously and without time or financial constraints (such as VRS and interpreter fees). They can even “talk” over one-another — just like any other coworkers would.

In this month’s featured video, John & Alan share their individual perspectives on how the UbiDuo affects their work and their relationship as coworkers and colleagues. John even says he thinks hearing people should use the UbiDuo just amongst themselves. That’s how much he loves it!

With the UbiDuo 2:

  • Anyone who is deaf can communicate with anyone who is hearing.
  • Conversations can take place anywhere and anytime.
  • Face-to-Face communication barriers are eliminated when sign language interpreter is not present.
  • Working is so much easier when communication is equalized with hearing peers.
  • 100% One-on-One Communication equality between deaf and hearing.
  • Endless, unlimited face-to-face encounters — one time cost.
  • Meets ADA (American w/ Disabilities Act) requirements.
  • No Wi-FI or Internet connection is required.
  • Selectable, color modes for people with low vision or degenerative eye conditions.