Enabling the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, and Hearing to Communicate without Barriers.

sComm continues to advance face-to-face communication technology with the introduction of the latest evolution of the UbiDuo.

This sleek new model is the world's foremost communication solution for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing.

The UbiDuo allows anyone to have a face-to-face conversation in real time without barriers enabling 100% communication equality!

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Communicate Anywhere

Your UbiDuo can be used anywhere, anytime - even in the middle of the ocean. It uses it’s own wireless protocol to communicate, so no WiFi connection is required.

Unlimited Conversations

Your UbiDuo has a long lasting rechargeable battery allowing you to have a barrier free conversation for 10-12 hours.

Vision Impaired Friendly

For those who have low or impaired vision, your UbiDuo can be adjusted to display in a large or medium font along with the font colour and/or background color.

Fast and Responsive

Your UbiDuo starts up in under 3 seconds and you’re able to have a face-to-face conversation.

Touch Enabled Display

Each screen on the UbiDuo is touch enabled. You can easily configure your UbiDuo to the way you’d like it to appear.

Lightweight and Portable

Your UbiDuo weights just under 4 pounds and both halves connect using a J-Hook for easy transportation.

  • Communicate anywhere, even in the middle of no where at the top of a mountain
  • Communicate instantly in real time. No more waiting
  • Communicate freely in a direct, convenient and confidential manner
  • UbiDuo's wireless standards don't depend on WiFi, it has its own peer to peer wireless network
Face-to-face communication
Communication Equality
Barrier Free Conversations
Ease of use

David & Jason's Story

The UbiDuo was born out of pure frustration. David and Jason Curry, father and son and co-founders of sComm, sat down for breakfast one morning and struggled to carry on an in-depth business conversation, free of misinterpretation and confusion. Enough was enough. Read more about our story here


  • I am able to talk with my grandfather and share my life, good news as well as my story with my family everyday!

  • I could feel my communication potentials opening up. I felt ready to communicate with the world with UbiDuo. Now I can be able talk to anyone.

    Scott Walker, United States Postal Service - Deaf Window Clerk

  • People were slowly gathering around to watch us talk.

    Ken Davis, Owner of Deaf Newspaper

  • We are able to talk about our ideas and our deep thoughts and do this in a rather quick way compared to our old way of using a pen and a pencil.

    Falcon Sellar, Retired CEO / Rancher, Grandfather of Deaf Grandson

  • We use the UbiDuo most of the time instead of interpretation services because of the simple fact that we are in a rural community and it takes us anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer to get an interpreter to do our interpreting for our hearing impaired or deaf patients.

    Chuck Johnson, Registered Nurse at Callaway Community Hospital

  • It definitely opens up a different world for everyone that’s involved.

    Richard Cockrell, Stepfather - Deaf Stepson

  • We could communicate so freely in depth in shorter time. No limitations!

    Lori Austin, Medical Technologist - Truman Medical Center

  • Four years ago we purchased our first UbiDuo and I was amazed at how easy it was to use.

    Chuck Baker, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer at Callaway Community Hospital

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