A 24/7/365, 100%, One-on-One Communication Solution

sComm has taken face-to-face communication to an electrifying new level with the UbiDuo. Made in the U.S.A., the next-generation UbiDuo communication device enhances the interaction between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing, creating life changing results. The UbiDuo delivers 100% communication equality between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing users non-stop, 24/7/365, no matter what environment they’re in: Corporate, Government, Education, Medical, Emergency, or Personal. With its revolutionary sleekness, lightweight design, and easy portability, the UbiDuo allows for full face-to-face accessibility in any situation. The UbiDuo eliminates bluffing, frustration — and most importantly —Communiphobia. This first-of-a-kind device not only eliminates communication barriers but invigorates face-to-face interaction between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. One employee who uses the UbiDuo said, "Having sign language interpreters present at group meetings or special workshops is extremely important to me to ensure that I don't miss out any communication. The UbiDuo also boosts face-to-face communication for me with anyone, anytime while I'm working on my own." "UbiDuo is perfect for me especially when I need to interact with my boss on a daily basis rather than have to wait till a scheduled interpreter arrives maybe twice a month in order to communicate with my boss. By having both the sign language interpreters and UbiDuo to communicate with peers, this ensures full communication access 24/7/365!" Based on the many positive testimonials that reach sComm, like the one above, the UbiDuo has become the ubiquitous and most desirable face-to-face communication solution for the deaf and hard of hearing.

How Can It Impact You?

The UbiDuo will transform the way deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals interact with each other. The UbiDuo can help increase the number of face-to-face encounters between an individual who is deaf and one that is hearing from zero to as many as 30 times a day. As communication barriers are broken down, deeper relationships are formed. Businesses and agencies that use the UbiDuo to service deaf and hard of hearing patrons gain new-found customer loyalty, as do those with deaf or hard of hearing employees. sComm has received stories and testimonials from UbiDuo users who have been promoted in their jobs as result of the increased communication that the UbiDuo provides. Businesses and agencies have reported increased business as result of making the UbiDuo available. The UbiDuo meets federal regulations and requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), that ensure no individual with a disability shall be treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services. Most importantly, the UbiDuo empowers non-stop face-to-face communication anytime, anywhere for anyone.

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